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Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, Desert Sands Unified School District

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, named one of America's Healthiest Schools by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and a National Green Ribbon School, is one of nineteen elementary schools in Desert Sands Unified School District. We are located in the eastern end of the Coachella Valley, at 83200 Dr. Carreon Blvd, in Indio, California. The school services students from transitional kindergarten through 5th grade. We are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment where students are both physically and emotionally safe. This is achieved through a collaborative effort with students, staff, and parents.

Roosevelt Elementary School provides a warm, stimulating environment where students are actively involved in learning rigorous curriculum as well as positive values. There is a high level of commitment and motivation at Roosevelt that creates high expectations for students in a nurturing environment. At Roosevelt, we believe that educational excellence for students can best be achieved when there is total involvement of teachers, students, parents, administrators, and community members. The Roosevelt Community works together to ensure students succeed.

Our Second Step Program, "contributes to an increase in academic achievement levels by focusing on the importance of positive behavior and creating an optimum learning environment." Our dedication to improving the lives of our students is demonstrated through our Healthy Schools Program, where health, nutrition, and physical activity are parts of our daily routine.

Our staff is actively involved in data-driven decision making, participates in training on current resources and trends in education, and work in Professional Learning Communities to meet individual students' needs. The teacher's role at Roosevelt is that of a "coach," providing small chunks of learning with practice and immediate feedback.

We collectively, as a team, work to provide the best to all our children making Roosevelt Elementary School a special place for students to learn and grow together. We want to ensure that all of our students are prepared for the academic rigor of the Common Core State Standards, as well as taking positive strides in becoming healthy, college and career ready students.

Roosevelt Community believes that each day is a new educational opportunity, with a chance to further the academic success of every student.

Our philosophy that guides the decision-making at Roosevelt include:

  • Appropriate time allotted for effective instruction, all children can learn.

  • We have the ability to teach all students

  • Achieving mastery requires practice, with multiple opportunities throughout the year.

  • All students have all year to master the grade level standards.

  • Effective instruction includes explicit instruction in problem solving strategies.

  • Student success is increased with engaging, student focused, fast paced lessons that include "whole brain teaching," and checking for understanding every few minutes.

I encourage your participation and welcome any suggestions, ideas, or comments that will assist us in maintaining our level of excellence. Welcome to Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School.

Roosevelt's Vision

The vision at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary school is to provide a high quality, college and career ready foundation that prepares our students to be future ready with the competency to achieve success in our rapidly changing technology-driven world. By developing critical thinkers with a global perspective, core values, such as empathy, respect, responsibility, and integrity, will bolster them in this transformational focus, while empowering them to be positive contributors and accountable productive citizens in the community.


Rooseveltś Healthy School Program

Roosevelt is committed to providing a healthy school climate for our students. Our Healthy Schools Program encourages students to make healthy choices and be physically active. Health, physical activity, and nutrition is embedded into our culture on campus. Policies have been establish to ensure that students have access to healthy nutritional food in the school cafeteria, during classroom celebrations, and school sponsored events. All students have access to recess and regularly scheduled physical education classes, as well as classroom activity breaks each week. We offer programs that allow students to participate in making decisions to improve our Healthy School Program, educational opportunities to learn about nutrition and healthy food choices, workshops to learn about local agriculture, physical activity opportunities before, during, and after school, and every student attends classes on positive actions for a healthy future.

Green Ribbon School

Roosevelt is committed to improving our school systems to ensure cost-saving, health promoting, and performance-enhancing sustainability practices. Rooseveltś Green School initiatives include STEM, Makerspace,  school garden, a TK- 5th grade environmental science curriculum that is a hands on program, and a school wide recycling program, with a  focus on sustainability. Roosevelt, in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council, the Center for Green Schools, and local city government, students learn about sustainability and efforts to reduce the schoolś eco footprint, through the U.S. Green Building Councilś Building Learners Program. The Building Learners Program Building Learners is a STEM based environmental education program that uses the operations of the school and the building facilities to teach students about the environment,  Students learn about sustainability and carbon footprint, empowering students to identifying ways to improve sustainability and provides a platform to initiate change. Students use the school building as a learning laboratory to identify areas of improvement through data collection, analysis, and world  real-world investigations that inform students on improvements that can be made regarding waste, energy, water, health, and transportation at Roosevelt and in our community. The program exposes students to careers in sustainability, builds positive relationships with members of their community, and teaches students how they can make a difference. We are proud to be a green school. Click here to find out more about Green Ribbon Schools.




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